Spinning Away

It’s hard to live in what feels like the linear end-of-things. I have been using social media to get away from worry for so long, but now it is where I must get away from.

I’m going to take up reading again, deep long books, in between worrying about my own situation, my family’s, the world’s. But I need that space to be effective, to be me, to feel human.

There’s a lot to worry about. So maybe it’s good to remember (to allow) ourselves this: it is okay to live.

It’s okay to take a step back; it’s okay to block the world out for a bit. It will be there all the same. Read a book, take a walk, spend an entire afternoon drawing on paper with crayons. Make up stories: that’s our great strength as humans (and a weakness, when we shape the world to a faulty story).

Below is a short something I wrote to a friend (and myself), and now to all of you.

[Song very much related]

The world does not move from birth to death.
It moves life to life, to life
to life.
We are here for part of that,
a handful of rotations
bridge between generations of life.
The world continues to spin.
For our children, and theirs, and their children.
Not as it was; not as it has been;
and not as it is.
But it will spin.

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