(revision) pt. I

we worship gods of punishment and fear; there
is no space for happiness

percolating in the loam of our
shared world–that celebrates
vengeance and death
cruelty and dismissal

is it so hard to understand one another?

other languages i have spoken seem worlds
closer than the ones i encounter here;
across the Pacific, the Atlantic–
are those lands really closer than
twenty miles out of town?

are we lost in rage, finally come home to roost?

our boomerang: two-hundred years of genocide, slavery,
de-humanization and violence–
here again (always) bubbling into our present

i am tired of the foaming, frothing, fetid
mix of idiocy and belief:
that the cruelty is the point, aye–
i know

i do not believe in non-violence, because
i have seen the violence of the powerful

guns and fear, bio- or necro-politics!

i have no time for the inchoate rage of the
inadequate, the ill-informed, the ignorant or

i will kill your gods,
all at once, and fashion
from their bones
a future for us