More Favorite Sites

This page collects places and spaces from around the web that I either read often, read infrequently, love, want to read, want to love, feel begrudgingly connected to, or just think are neat. There are a few categories, with very little logic on which site belongs where.

Welcome to the flattened, rhizomatic, indefinitely infinite web!

Me, Elsewhere

I exist online in a few other curated spots:


A list of sites I go for reading. Roughly weekly, although I go through periods of forgetting to check!

CategorySite NameNotes
Financial Times (paywalled)Premier global business journalism. Damn posh, and a close friend to all billionaires. Liberal center-right.
The InterceptGlobal news, with a left-libertarian bent.
The GuardianUK Based liberal outlet, mainstream.
Current AffairsA monthly lefty mag in the U.S.
Boston ReviewA lefty collection of articles on national and global issues
Real Life MagazineA site featuring critical works on technology, affiliated with the Theorizing the Web conference organizers. (Archived)
SalvageCommunists writing about the world, including China Miéville.
Harper’sOne of the oldest periodicals in the U.S., with a fabulous “Index” in each issue with tantalizing tidbit statistics.
The New InquiryLittle lefty indie publication, seems to have slowed down in recent years.
ChuangA lefty journal out of China (in English).
AntipodeA journal of “radical geography,” more academic
The Times Literary SupplementThe TLS of London, a great site for essays and books and more.
Literature HubA site that collects what appears to be a bunch of US-focused literature shorts, reviews, excerpts, interviews.
London Review of BooksThe London Review of books, literature, essays, and other tidbits!
ZZYZVAAn San Francisco based outlet, doing weird and beautiful and wondrous writings.
The Paris Review
One of the oldest “belles lettres” publications in the US, still in print, I love getting my subscription in the mail.
Lightspeed MagazineGreat independent science fiction and fantasy (speculative fiction) online, for free!
Brittle PaperOnline journal focusing on African and -diasporic writers.
The Black ScholarUS-based journal focusing on Black scholarship and race studies.
Paper RepublicChinese fiction and poetry in translation. Sometimes goes offline.
Data&SocietyA project (initially) of danah boyd, now a research institute with an impressive array of critical technologist. Far more clear and level-headed than any siliconbro or techbro site.
SlashdotDon’t spend too much time on comments, but this is one of the oldest “news blog” sites on the web.
BoingBoingName aside, BoingBoing is also one of the oldest tech blogs still running. Associated with Cory Doctorow, among other famous names.
SchneierBruce Schneier’s blog, a titan in the cybersecurity industry.
TechDirtAnother news blog site, similar to “/.”
LWN.netLinux kernel news–super nerdy, often very helpful!
The Disorder of ThingsA critical global relations (international studies) blog. Academic.
Journal of Global South StudiesAcademic journal (open access mostly) of and about the Global South
HypothesesCollection of academic blogs, all sorts of topics.
RANDThe OG “think tank” started by the U.S. pentagon. Very D.C. beltway in orientation and politics. Always supports armed intervention.
CSISCenter for Strategic and International Studies.
U.S. military affiliated “think tank.” Always supports armed intervention.
ECFRThe European Council on Foreign Relations – think CSIS, but for Europe. Classic liberals, not against using U.S. imperialism however.
Social EuropeSlightly critical EU relations site. Center-left bent.
SIPRIStockholm International Peace Research Institute. Precisely what it sounds like. Slightly eurocentric.
UN DataDatasets provided by the United Nations. Generally considered accurate.
SOMOCentre for Research on Multinational Corporations (NL). If you’re wanting to read about greenwashing and other corporate malfeasance (that doesn’t make the news because $$$), here’s your place.