This site started—and has stayed—as nothing more or less than a personal website. A blog, record, portfolio of essays (mainly) that I have written over the years. Some essays from school, some essays “for fun,” and some more creative works…it is also intended at some point to have a more complete digital portfolio! But that’s *waves dismissively* a long way off.

The name for the site, with it’s leading “and” was inspired by Samuel Delany’s short story «aye, and Gomorrah», which begins with the line: “and came down in Paris: [sic]”

I like the idea of beginning-in-the-middle, because we are very much always in the middle of everything: history, the internet, and meeting one another. These words were here before me, and they’ll be here after me, a little different than they are now.

From the tiny travel blog I created during a year-abroad program, AMW is now a fully functioning website, a young constellation of files on someone else’s computer.

How fast the little ones grow.

About Me

My name is Cameron! It means “crooked nose” in Scottish (or so I have been told), and sounds a lot like “shrimp” in Spanish. Which, as a tiny child, was oddly fitting for most of my life.

My heart lies in the humanities, but economic forces have taken me further into the realms of computer language. This website is part of my attempt to combine the two, with mixed success.

I am also white, cisgender male, and queer. From least to most malleable.

I am a US-American, beholden to the historical specifics that characterize the early twenty-first century hegemon. Despite the provincialism of my birth, however, it is my aim, like Daniel Deronda, to “rid myself of a purely [American] view in my studies.” I owe a debt to all of the [feminist, subaltern, and queer] theorists who have helped me see the cultural baggage that my identities confer. I seek greater tolerance, fluidity, and a removal of structural and experiential barriers between identities both “read” (i.e. racial) and “elected” (i.e. political queerness).

I position myself largely within the “postmodern” or poststructural schools of thought, with a commitment to understanding how the world is, and to creating a better, more human one. Like my generation apocryphally, I am uncomfortable with labels; but acknowledge the futility of refusing to accept labels, even epithets, from readers. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, my politics lie somewhere nicely to the “left.”

I’m also a bit too serious, but maybe that’s just written me? I can’t tell.


There are a great many things at which I am an avid, if amateur, practitioner—an aspirational polymath. Not even a Jack, but perhaps a Page of All Trades. It’s a lovely [pipe] dream.

The site can thus cover any topic which interests me:

  • Postcolonial International (Global) Studies
  • China Area Studies
  • Literature
  • Poetry
  • Links to things I have read
  • General Pomposity
  • Spaaaaace
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Linux
  • Culture & Politics
  • And Anything Else!

The universe is a fascinating place, and I love learning and discussing and sharing about all the worlds it contains.

Man, Controller of Universe” by Diego Rivera (Frida Kahlo’s husband)


All written views and opinions are those of Cameron.Cn, the sole author unless explicitly noted. This does not mean the site contains only opinon. I try and provide sources for many works, essays, and arguments that I make. The world may be illusory, but we nonetheless hallucinate it together. The level of specificity will depend on such easily measured factors such as the “academicness,” “factiness,” and “purpose” of a piece. That is to say, there are fiction pieces and non-fiction pieces (and creative non-fiction) pieces presented side-by-side. When in doubt, look at the Tags (found at the bottom) of a specific post.

Neither the author nor any other legal entity, human or not, is responsible for any information present on this site. Works herein are presented “As Is” and without warranty or guarantee as to their correctness. That said, please notify me of any factual errors you may find. For copyright complaints, email the AdminTeam.